Workshop 2: The Science of Strength "Using Positive Psychology for a Flourishing Life."   Wednesday, December 13 at 2 pm EST 

In preparation for our Positive Psychology workshop (after you register), please click this link and take the free VIA survey. Please bring the 24 strengths results to the workshop.

After taking the VIA (Values in Action) Instrument, you will learn your core strengths. Furnished with your strengths, we will explore principles and techniques for envisioning a life of meaning and purpose.

We are capping registration at 25 people per seminar to allow for each of the participants to connect with Alfredo. Each seminar will take place over Google Meet. The seminars will last for about an hour to allow for surveys, chatting, and takeaways.

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This workshop is not therapeutic. If you experience severe mental illness symptoms, please seek professional help.

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