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Public  Speaking

Rabbi Alfredo Speaks

Areas of Expertise:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Faith, Spirituality & Mental Health
  •  The Wisdom of Mental Illness
  • Empowering the Mental Illness Community 

What I Speak About:

  • Professional Development & Mental Health
  • The Place of Spirituality in the Healing Process
  • Finding Hope Amidst Diagnosis
  • Positive Psychology & Flourishing with Mental Illness


  • MBTI Personality Type
  • ORC Executive Coach
  • Positive Psychology Certification 

Sharing my story with the world

I know of what I speak. In June 2013, the Mamaroneck police arrested me for impersonating a police officer. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar. In the ensuing seven days, I was fired from my position as executive director of a prestigious institute and ridiculed by the press as “the Road Rage Rabbi.” My world collapsed.

Learning, Growing, Teaching

I then spent several months paralyzed on a couch with depression. But I persevered and thrived once again, becoming a social worker. A factor tipped the scale in my favor; I discovered Positive Psychology. Positive psychology studies the strengths that make us fulfill our potential. Knowing my strengths allowed me to overcome my negative thoughts and move forward. My goal is to share my experience and the lessons I’ve learned with the world in hopes of moving the mental health community from stigma to dignity.

Spirituality & Mental Health

Topics for Speaking Engagement | Lecture

  1. Can Spirituality and Science Work Together Toward a Meaningful Healthy Mental Life?
  2. Deviating from the “Normal:” Pursuing a More Diverse and Inclusive Happiness and Wholeness in Society
  3. Finding Hope Amidst a Mental Illness Diagnosis
  4. Do People with Mental Illnesses Possess a Special Wisdom to be Shared?
  5. Where does the Stigma around Mental Illness Come From, and What Can We Do to Combat it?
  6. Find your Strengths and Flourish: Positive Psychology as a Path to Fulfillment and Well-being
  7. bipolarrabbi“: Leadership through the Wisdom of Mental Illness
  8. Faithfully Challenged: How Spirituality Can Strengthen You
  9. The Mental Illness ThinkTank Initiative: The Supreme Added Wisdom of the Mentally Ill
  10. Ill, Arrested, Fired, and Ridiculed: The Journey From Darkness to a Fulfilled Life

Positive Psychology: The New Science of Flourishing and Wellbeing


Using Strength Science for Team-Work and Personal Development.
Each team or group member will take the VIA (Values in Action) instrument and receive a personalized “strength
report” of their 24 strengths. We will begin the workshop with a short introduction to Positive Psychology. Following the introduction,
the team or group will engage in a dynamic workshop, including interactive games, role-playing, scenarios, and case studies. Team members will learn how to express and harness their mutual strengths generating excitement, creativity, cooperation, and respect.

Lecture Topics

  1. The New Science of Happiness: How to Achieve a Fulfilling Life
  2. Being your Best Self in a Post Pandemic World: Beyond Despair, Depression, and Disdain
  3. Am I Strong? Discovering the 24 Powers Within You
  4. Is Gratitude Good for You: The Power of Counting Your Blessings
  5. Learning to be Optimistic Even When The Glass is Almost Empty
  6. How can I become a Positive person? Effective Strategies for a Life of Purpose
  7. Success and Happy or Happiness and Success? Finding the Life Right Equation
  8. Life of the Spirit and Life of Fulfillment: How can I Match my Soul and Aspirations? 

Sacred Communities

Speaking Topics

  1. What can the New Science of Happiness tell us about Building a Thriving Community in Post-
    Pandemic Times?
  2. Religion, Faith, and Optimism: Expecting the Best in Times in Dark Times.
  3. Gratitude: The Key to a Fulfilled Life
  4. What does a Healing Community Look like? An Exploration of the Latest Studies on Spirituality
    and Wellbeing and its Application to Sacred Communities.
  5. A Community of Minds: How Your Sacred Community Can Heal Mental Illness
  6. “Bipolarrabbi” Mental Illness and Religious Leadership
  7. The Strengths of Religion and Positive Psychology: A Match Made in Heaven. 

Jewish Communities

  1. The Forgotten Jiewsh Principles of a Happy Life
  2. If we Invented Optimism, Why do we Complain so Much?
  3. The Science of Happiness and Judaism: Matches and Mismatches
  4. Can my Synagogue Heal Me? 


  1. Your Purpose: Finding and Delivering Your Secret Wisdom of Mental Illness to the World
  2. Master to the World: How Your Mental Illness Leader Makes You a Life Leader
  3. Am I Tronth: Finding and Expressing You 24 Strengths
  4. The Science of Happiness: Proven Trstageies for a Fulfilled Life
  5. The Full Glass: How to Stay Positive Despite Challenges
  6. Happiness and Success or Success and Happiness: The Balance Life Equation 

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