What Does It Mean to Be  Mentally Ill?

Understanding Mental Illness from the Inside Out

When a diagnosis is square one, every investigative step you take in deepening your understanding is a positive motion toward improvement. Every effort is integral in the journey to staving off stigma and embracing your dignity.

So, I’m happy you’re here.

Whether you are facing your own diagnosis or caring for someone who is struggling, this is a community you can count on. I’ve written these letters directly to you as a way of imparting the strength and faith that you deserve. These are my messages of empathy and understanding to you, in hopes that you’ll find power in your path and invigoration in discovering what bipolar means to you.

holding shattered mirror and intact mirror

To Those Who Care

To you who cares for somebody with a mental illness I want to say three words: I love you. You are a holy person. Your care reaffirms the most fundamental tenet of love for its own sake.

I also want to acknowledge your burden.

You have made many sacrifices in your life. Your existence is more difficult. And in many cases your dedication passes unrecognized. My pledge to you is to make available spiritual tools that could bring energy in times of depletion, balance in moments of crisis, and enlightenment in moments of darkness. Those tools will help your loved one and thus generate a healthier dynamic in your nucleolus. Let’s connect the power of your love and spiritual wisdom. You also deserve care, so much care.

To Those in Media

You are more than media reporters; you are the most influential teachers of society. You shape the character and view of the country. Your words have an immediate and profound impact.

I need your help.

The mental health community is frequently demonized. The act of one deranged individual became a condemnation for thousands of the nicest people who live decent lives. Those who struggle with mental illness need your help.

We deserved to be portrayed by our wisdom, courage, stamina, and resilience. I invite you to get to know us. Dispel prejudice by the power of your word. I commit myself to engage in a dialogue with you. The time has arrived for the mental health community to be known and respected. That process begins with a fair coverage of who we are. You hold that power.

You’re Not Alone

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